Southern Worthersee 2011

For the past 5 years, VAG enthusiasts have been invading the small Bavarian-themed town of Helen, GA for Southern Wörthersee, an event inspired by The Wörthersee Tour in Reifnitz, Austria. For those who will probably never make the trip across the pond to experience the real deal, “SoWo”, as it’s more commonly called, is probably the next best thing. At least that’s what we were hoping when a few of us decided to head down to Georgia this year and experience it for the first time.

SoWo 2011 01

Our convoy of 2 got off to a late start on Friday, so since we were probably going to miss that evening’s festivities anyway, we took our time getting there. The trip was long and boring, so everyone started getting really tired, but as we made our way deeper into the Blue Ridge Mountains, the curves came and that seemed to give everyone a much needed boost. The final 20 miles or so of mountain roads made us forget all about the dullness of Interstate 81 that had almost put us all to sleep.

SoWo 2011 02

The town seemed lifeless as we pulled in around 2am, which was somewhat surprising to us, since we have grown accustomed to the madness that is H20i and expected a somewhat similar atmosphere. Even though we eventually figured out where the action was, we were definitely wrong in thinking this event was anything like H2Oi or any other event that we had ever been to.

SoWo 2011 04

SoWo is an event of a different nature. There was no admission to get into the show and the overall vibe during the weekend was great. No rushing from one GTG to another, no having to be somewhere at a specific time to pick up tickets, no pressure at all. Everyone was just chillin. It was exactly what we hoped it would be – an amazing show in an amazing town!

SoWo 2011 03

For the staff at SoWo, H20tuning, all the vendors, VWOA and even the front desk lady at the Riverbend Motel and Cabin, we thank you for a wonderful experience and appreciate your hospitality. See you next year!

SoWo 2011 05

Photos by: ThegreyT_1

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