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    Classifieds Rules

    1) Please try to always include the following in the title when creating a new thread:

    A) Year/Make/Model if helpful.
    B) The type of item you are selling, parting or looking to buy.
    C) Location and whether you are willing to ship the item or not.
    D) As much other detail as possible (brand, color, condition, price, size, etc.)

    Example of a good thread title: FS: 4 Aristo wheels 5×100 $600 obo. P/u only(MD)

    Example of a bad thread title: buy my stuff

    2) In the body of the post, make sure to be descriptive and include photos whenever possible. Be honest about the condition!

    3) Include a price for each item listed.

    4) Keep your threads updated. Add SOLD or REMOVE to the title or in a new post if you no longer want/need it listed.

    5) Keep it legal & clean! No selling of illegal, pornographic or other inappropriate items. Your post will be removed without warning.

    6) No ripping people off!!! Let’s keep it honest. Inspect the item, send the item, send the money, communicate, etc.

    We are not responsible for any items bought or sold on this forum. Buy and Sell at YOUR OWN RISK!

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